Forklift Training

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We offer the best forklift training in town. Here at Forklifting Pros not only do we get you certified, but we also provide job assistant.

This training covers 7 powered industrial trucks. We follow the OSHA guidelines which are required by OSHA to minimize accidents. 

Become a Certified Forklift Driver!

There are many different different types of forklifts. With each type, there are different safety requirements and different controls. Here at Forklifting Pros, we teach you the protocols that need to follow either in an emergency or just as a precaution for each type of forklift.  

OSHA requires every forklift operator to be certified and then reevaluated every three years. Our courses will keep you certified with our onsite digital course.  


Forklifting crane

Forklift storage

Forklifting Jobs

We assist with your Job search!

Not all forklift training courses assist with finding you a job. It’s rare to find support from a company like ours to assist you in finding jobs and send you on your way. We also call you back and check on your progress and if you still haven’t found a job we will give you an entirely new list to search from. Forklifting Pros will keep trying until we know that you have been supported to our greatest extent. We go the extra mile and maintain our assistance because we care and would love to see you succeed. Go to Job Hunt Page and Apply NOW